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Friday, 15 October 2021



The group of scientists were out in the bog on a hot day looking for something new. That is when they saw a species of frog that nobody has ever saw before. The scientist were so overwhelmed that they were turning green. The next day they decided that they were going to take the frog thing that they named Gaged to the science fair this week. So, they took Gaged to the science fair. When they were there, they saw some cool stuff. When the judges came, they were super impressed. They won the competition. They were so happy.


Sick Planet

 Sick Planet

The world is changing in the worst way possible. There is rubbish in the sea the ice is melting and trees are being cut down. We’ve overwhelmed the Earth with pollution like it’s our rubbish dump. The entire planet has gone hot and it causes the ice to melt. People are hunting animals and some species of them are dying already dead. Scientists are concerned the planet will get worse if we don’t do something. It’s Important we help the planet go green again, we need to grow more trees, protect animals walk or cycle and take the bus we need your help.


Cool Guy 3000

Cool Guy 3000

"I'm so overwhelmed about this!" said the scientist. He knew that because of his actions, the world was going to end. Every hot nuclear power-plant was to explode.

He went for a walk through his green. He realised nothing happened. Then a police car pulled up to him. The police officer gave him a picture of someone. It was him. He ran back home.
"Oh no! What do I do now?" he said. Then he heard a knock on the door. He opened the door and saw a police officer.
"Sir, you are under arrest for attempting to end all human species"


Overreaction for a tooth extraction.

 Overreaction for a tooth extraction.

My uncle Ranboo doesn’t like the dentist. 

The last time we went, he sat in the waiting room, overwhelmed. 

He tried to distract himself by reading the adverts on the walls. 

He studied one about a scientist recommended toothpaste. 

He noticed a green species of fly hovering above his head.

The room was hot and he began to sweat under his mask.

Then the dentist called him in…

He followed the dentist down the hallway. Uncle Ranboo spotted a room with an open window and made a run for it. 

He climbed out the window and never went to the dentist since.




I was going for a walk in the park it was a very hot day. 

When  I noticed something strange it looked like an event. I walked towards it seeing experiments on the tables when I realized there were people in lab coats I thought to my self they must be scientists . They had science projects. some were purple other were blue. One of the scientists grabbed a green liquid and was putting the purple in It when it blew up. BOOM went the project the scientist’s glasses went askew. And his gloves stained purple and green in his hair. Everyone looked over quite shocked while the scientist stood there embarrassed. I stood there wondering why they were doing it in a park though,. While I stared at the scientist’s failed project he have me a dirty look and I went on home.


The Amazon adventure

 The Amazon adventure

John and Toby are famous scientists and they are going to to Amazon to try find a new species. They rented a boat on a hot day and they went over to the Amazon. After hours on the boat they got to the Amazon. They where overwhelmed with all the new animals there was a green flamingo a rainbow lizard and much more amazing species. After discovering all those new species they decided to go back to the lab and study all the new animals.





Once there was scientist who was a genius at coming up with ideas.

He could have an idea anywhere,

on the toilet!... in bed!...

even when he was eating!...

Because he was constantly going to the laboratory to tell everyone his idea he was always exhausted and hot.

As a scientist, he was looking for a way to stop climate change,

but using up so much water didn’t help!

One day he had an idea.

He would use cactus water.

He built a machine that would constantly produce cactus water.

He was overwhelmed with happiness.

This could help the human species go green.