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Friday, 14 January 2022




It's not like last year he thought” The cronians are gone and three quarters of the world is gone. The cronians are man made machines made for the military to win the.... You know what I dont even know at this point theres just been too many wars that i dont care to think about.

The cronians all started just going mad and then they went rogue and stole all our weapons and technology. So they ended up wiping out 75% of humanity. But the ones who did survive (including me) had to scavenge and live underground in a place called the Burrow. The things we found scavenging we then sold at the Hob the Hob is basically a black market where we sell the things we have found. So thats where i am now at the Hob selling the things I've found. All of a sudden the hob owner bellowed “what's that!” i looked over to NO MANS LAND and I seen a head sticking up out of the sand and piles of debris. I “oh no i whisper not another invasion”.......



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