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Friday, 14 January 2022

The Soldiers


The Soldiers

It was the year 1999 New Years Eve . Danny was getting into bed. He looked at his watch 2 minutes until the year 2000. 1 minute. 30 seconds . 10 seconds . 3 2 1. Danny waited for the fireworks. They went of but they did not sound like fireworks . "Its not like last year" he thought . He peeked out the window . There were Soldiers marching down the street with guns on their shoulder . The slammed down his neighbours doors. A couple of minutes later they knocked down the door to his house . Danny hid under his bed . The soldiers marched up the stairs into his Mam and Dads room . He heard his Mam scream . A couple of minutes later they marched into Dannys room . He held his breath while they searched his room . After they left he heard a car engine start he peeked out the window . The car drove away with his parents.....

Claire Ni Laoire

1 comment:

  1. Hello Claire!
    The ending to your writing is a really good cliffhanger. I love your take on the challenge and how you turned it into a mystery. I was wondering, does the creativity of your writing come easy to you? You should come checkout my blog too!

    From, Lilly